Concussions in Kids

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Molecules like DHA, transresveratrol, and curcumin, actually strengthen and protect the brain. 

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News and Research

Supplements and Kid's Brains

young girls working at school brain function iq focus improved attention memory outcomes behavior

Nutritional supplementation has been shown to support cognition, behavior and school performance in healthy children. 

Football and the brain at 12

pee wee football running back cte brain damage concussion head trauma under 12 young boy kids

Concussions in kids.  The NY Times discusses playing tackle football before age 12 is tied to brain problems later in life.

HEADS UP to Youth Sports

family brain health all ages support iq cte concussions head trauma brain damage

The initiative provides information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to concussions, but not treating one.

To Play or Not to Play

header boy soccer concussion brain damage head trauma cte male football cover three

Dr. Driscoll from the Mayo Clinic answers questions concerning the possible effects of concussion in children.

My baby needs supplements?

kid child taking supplements brain health iq focus add adhd concussion cover three

Yes, US News story on how omega-3 fats (like DHA) are probably a good idea for kids to take because of the known benefits. 

Brain Damage in Youth Soccer

cover three concussion in girls soccer head trauma brain damage header cte

Heading the soccer ball is now banned for young soccer players due to the concerns over it causing brain damage.

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